5 Web Development Tech Trends for 2019

03-04-2019 | 4 MIN READ

With the start of every new year, there also comes a new era for development technologies, after all being updated is the only way you can survive in this competitive web world.

Though the new ideas, modern techniques, and innovations are always unpredictable, still it is for sure that there’s gonna be something really advanced and amazing!

The digital revolution keeps on setting trends to tempt us with new technologies for which the developers and programmers, wherever they are will be crazy about. Also, people are always excited to know the latest updates on web design and development applications.

Therefore, to give you a foresight on what will happen this year here’s the Top Tech Trends For Web Development.

Progressive Web Apps –  These will still be one of the hottest trends of the web, progressive web apps are the modern web applications which appear as mobile applications to the users, they load just like regular websites, but have a better level of functionality. As these are developed with progressive enhancement, so they can load instantly irrespective of the browser choice and the network state.

PWA guarantees a moment, freedom and dependable experience of clients without store issues. It’s protected on the grounds that it is served by means of HTTP to deflect content snooping and information altering.

Mobile Friendly Website – These are the websites that work well while accessed through any device other than the desktop, we generally consider mobile friendly that explains the touch features of the website should work well on the mobile. The page should vary accordingly with the size, and much more functionality that ultimately leads in giving a good user experience. Moving towards being Mobile friendly is a good move with the increase in numbers of potential audience on smartphones. And for sure this impact will get higher this year.

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AI & Chatbots – AI (Artificial Intelligence)  will be prevailing this year, with the increased implementation of this technology.

As we have already seen how AI’s chatbots, remote helpers (like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana) and voice bots helped organizations commitment and changed social communication. Their developments enabled the omnichannel for advanced client experience and ensured consistency crosswise over voice, visit, informing and sites. And hopefully, in this year the goal of successfully simulating human genuine empathy and commonsense knowledge will be accomplished.

JS Frameworks – Frameworks are something that has grabbed the eye of such a large number of developers all over the world. All in all, what is this system? It is only a reusable designing platform which helps in offering help for the best programming languages.

Web designers, have to write such a large number of lines of code, yet with these systems, you don’t have to compose excess and superfluous code. The best thing about JavaScript systems, for instance, is their reusability. Developers can compose a capacity once and reuse it the same number of times as required. This spares a ton of time and exertion.

Voice Search Optimization – Voice searches has been increased at an alarming rate, according to various studies now more and more people are using voice search options. Therefore it an important aspect this year to take care of. This break off of voice search has been supported greatly with Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Echo.

Since this phenomenon is leading so it is important that your website should be built in a voice search optimized way. To make your website stand out you have to really fulfill the voice search requirements.

To develop a completely optimized website you have to put much time and efforts. Every time you develop a website you should always invest your time in understanding the latest techniques and trends that can bring a huge difference in your work way.

You can also hire a web development and design company to make perfectly optimized websites that are up to the mark of the latest updates.

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