Why is Bespoke Web Design the Right Choice?

15-01-2020 | 11 MIN READ

Ready-made templates or ‘off-the-shelf’ software have made the website designing job quick and easy. The fact about these options- you may not be able to create a unique website that also meets your business requirements. You can instantly launch your website, but can’t establish a strong online presence with it, due to lack of uniqueness and advanced functionality. On the other hand, bespoke web design is an ultimate solution to design a website as per your specific needs and business purpose. 

With this solution, you can get an exclusive website that can fetch customers’ attention and help you attain your conversion goals. Still, confused about whether to go bespoke or not? Let’s see some details about the bespoke website design solution so that you can make the right decision. 

What is a Bespoke Web Design Solution? 

A bespoke website is specially designed and developed by experienced professionals as per your requirements and business needs. 

Bespoke web design solutions are provided by experienced designers who focus on your requirements and motive behind the website. These professionals keep in touch with you throughout the entire project to ensure the best results as per your expectations. 

Benefits of Bespoke Website over the Template Websites


SEO-Friendly bespoke website

SEO is a life-line of any website that ranks it on search engines. A site designed with SEO standards is an added advantage for your business. And it is possible with a bespoke solution. The bespoke website designers make sure that your website performs well on the Internet and search engines. They focus on each of the below aspects to create an SEO friendly website from scratch: 

  • CMS
  • Indexation
  • Link structure 
  • Information architecture
  • Page speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Image optimization 
  • And many more

Template websites or an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution may help you with some search engine optimization tactics, but you can’t get the optimal results that bespoke solutions can give you.   


Most of the pre-built templates are created using outdated technology, which can result in reduced website functionality. But a bespoke website will be designed using cutting-edge programming languages, trends, techniques, and tools. 

Fast Loading 

Do you know that a one-second delay in website load time may cause a 7% loss in conversions, a 16% decrease in user satisfaction, and 11% fewer page views? Hence, website loading speed is the crucial thing you should pay attention to. Bespoke website designers know how to design fast-loading web pages that can retain users’ interest and provide a better experience to them. For this, the designers implement various tactics, such as: 

  • Using adaptive images
  • Optimizing images
  • Minifying and combining files 
  • Page speed audit
  • Content compression
  • And so on

Talking about pre-built website templates, they mostly have a slow loading speed because of an abundance of functionality. Even after disabling the unnecessary functions, you can’t get an optimal page speed. 

Expansion and Improvement 

As your business grows, you have to change several aspects related to it, especially the website. You need to adapt the website as per the growing business needs. A bespoke website opens the door for future improvements and expansion, as it is developed from scratch.

By choosing a bespoke approach, you get opportunities to add new features and functionality to your website quickly. You can integrate your CRM, ERP system, additional payment methods, bar-coding system, sage accounts, or any other characteristic or functionality necessary for your expanding business.    

Optimization or expansion with template systems is complicated as they often contain outdated, unoptimized, and unreliable third-party plugins. These plugins can slow down the website functionality when used together with other components or plugins. 


Your website needs to be responsive to Smartphones and other mobile devices so that you would not lose a large group of users.

If you want a completely responsive website, then go for a bespoke option only. Bespoke web designers carefully work on overall aspects, such as: 

  1. Layout
  2. Performance improvement
  3. Responsive images
  4. Responsive typography
  5. Progressive enhancement
  6. Media queries in JavaScript

With a fully responsive bespoke website, you can offer the same experience to the user of different devices such as tablets, mobile, and monitors. 

Many ready-made website templates come with emulated responsive designs, which are only modified according to screen size and not the overall components.

Support and Maintenance 

Website maintenance is quite necessary to ensure excellent functionality. Bespoke web design services also comprise the support and maintenance of your website by the experts. If you encounter any issues or want to integrate any additional functionality, the bespoke web designing agency or developers will be ready to help you. 

But, if you go for template systems, you may have to deal with the problems on your own.


Uniqueness is the foremost goal of a bespoke web design solution. Right from the user interface, user experience, to the features, everything is designed exclusively. With an exclusive website, you get a chance to beat the competition and grow your business.

bespoke web design

There are thousands of pre-built templates, and all of them are being used by thousands of people to build their websites. Meaning that, whichever template you choose, you will find at least one site similar to yours. No doubt templates allow you to modify the images, colors and other features as per your needs, but there is a limitation for that as well. 

Suitable to Your Business Needs 

With pre-built templates, you have to compromise several essential features you wish to add to the websites. And a website with inadequate features can’t help you reach your business goals.

A bespoke web design solves this problem and lets you build a website as you want. The bespoke web designing team or company will have a thorough conversation with you to know what your business does, and how you want the website to reflect it. They will design the website by keeping all your business specifications and needs in mind. 

Overall, the bespoke method gives you a perfect website that revolves around your business and helps you get the most out of it. 

Choosing Bespoke Website over the Template Website: Is it Wise? 

You get only 0.05 seconds to impress the visitors of your website! Within only 50 milliseconds (0.05seconds), users make an opinion about your website and decide whether to stay or leave. Hence, it is essential to design an attractive and unique website that can keep users engaged. 

Pre-built templates or ‘off-the-shelf’ software can’t help you to build a unique website. A bespoke method of website design and development can fulfill all your requirements while offering the best bang for your buck. Overall, if you are ready to spend extra money, then you must go for bespoke web design services. 

How much does a Bespoke Website Design Cost?

After knowing the advantages of bespoke web design, your next question may be- how much will this option cost me? Well, a bespoke website can be a simple one-page website or a fully functional eCommerce website. The cost will vary depending on what type of website you want to build. 

  • If you want to build a small business or informational website up to 10 pages, then the cost would be around £1,556.08
  • For a corporate business website of 25 – 75 pages, you may need to pay approx. £5,445 to £23,337.
  • An eCommerce website having 100 – 1000 products/pages will cost you around £6000 – £42,778.
  • For a database-driven website of 20 – 2,000 web pages, the cost may be in between £4,700- £58,326.

Further, other factors like features, complexity, design requirements, etc. can vary the cost of website design. 

Though you think the bespoke website is way too expensive, the results you will get will be outstanding and worth the entire spending. If you want the best worth for your money, then try to find and use trending web design solutions, as we have mentioned below.

Latest Trends in Bespoke Web Design

Your decision to choose a bespoke web design solution can be more profitable if you use some best web design trends. Below are the top web design trends you can consider for adding a charm to your website.

  • Vibrant Colours 

Bright colors are widespread on the Internet! Colors can change thinking, actions, and cause reactions. It seems like the designers have taken this fact quite seriously, as we are getting to see more vibrant colors on top websites. Right from images, backgrounds to animations, bespoke web designers use high contrast colors in many designing aspects.   

Bold and bright colors help brands to put an impression on visitors. Apparel stores and fashion brands mostly choose vibrant colors to catch visitors’ attention within seconds and encourage them to shop.

bespoke web designers

For instance, Sikkema chose bright colors to inspire visitors and potential buyers. If you’re ready to go creative and bold with your website, then bright colors can help you attain the goals. 

  • Geometric, Natural Shapes

 Designers are choosing organic, geometric shapes, and smooth lines to create a natural visual flow, and offer a feeling of comfort and usability to users. The geometric and organic shapes help to convey the brand message effectively and add a modern look to the website along with boldness. The shapes can be used as navigation elements, design, or framing components. 

bespoke website
Bespoke web design services

Websites like theArtCenter and One Shared House have used geometric and natural shapes most intelligently. If you want your website to be more expressive and exclusive, then this is the trend for you.

  • Brutalism

Brutalism- the not so pleasant trend is now dominating the Internet and will keep it up in upcoming years. The design trend is famous for its nature of avoiding conventional practices like instinctual layouts and intuitive user interfaces. More and more brands are trying to convey their message in a simple but impressive way through brutalism web design. Achieving a high conversion rate is another big reason for big brands to adopt this trend. Brutalism web design offers easy navigation, minimal distractions, and fast page loading, which consequently helps to retain and motivate users.

web design agency

The Outline has shown us how brutalism web design can be at its best. If you think your website should honestly depict what it is about, then better, you should choose the brutalism trend. 


Whether you want to sell online or not, an online presence is a must for your business to sustain in the digitally competitive world. And to make your online presence more powerful, you must have a beautifully and uniquely designed website. Bespoke is the most excellent way to build your dream website. We have observed that a lot of clients are happy with their bespoke website design decision. Now, we want you to choose this solution and reap maximum benefits through your website. Make sure to select a reliable web design agency that can meet your expectations.

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