Its Update’o clock for your website through this Easy WordPress Guide

09-08-2018 | 2 MIN READ

Keeping your software updated is a timely necessity to get them working in a good pace and with better functionality. So as in our very popular CMS – WordPress, patching up with the updates is a good practice to keep your themes, plugins & WordPress version updated to the latest versions. As the top two reasons for sites being hacked are insecure passwords & outdated (vulnerable) software!

Though it is a good news for developers that WordPress is tamed to automatically update itself, just in order to promote better security and well-organized update experience. “But” there is always a but, it gets updated automatically only when minor versions are released. Thus only core WordPress files will be auto-updated and your themes or plugins won’t be automatically updated. After your site get updated an auto-generated mail will notify you regarding the updation and if due to any reason it is unable to auto update then too a mail will notify you.

See, this is the beauty of an intelligent CMS!

Now let’s discuss that if it does not get auto-updated than, How to update your WordPress version or your themes and plugins manually?

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You just need to

  • Hover your cursor over the Dashboard menu option in the left-hand navigation menu and in the fly-out menu, click the Updates link. Alternatively, click the Dashboard menu option and then click the Updates link underneath.
  • The Updates Page will be divided into three sections. The update requirement of your WordPress Version will be notified in the first part, and the other two following parts will notify for plugin and theme update respectively.
  • Now just click on the Update Now button and then all the necessary files will be downloaded by WordPress, a validation task will be performed and Voila!
    Your site will be automatically updated by WordPress.

But, keep in mind before updating your site, it’s always wise to perform a backup first, just in case something unfortunate happens during or after the installation.

Now it’s turn for the Plugins to be updated. The one which needs to be updated will get listed in the Plugins section on the page. To update your plugins, tick the boxes next to each of the plugins you wish to update and then click the Update Plugins button. The new plugin files will be downloaded and automatically installed.

Similarly moving towards updating the Themes. You can easily update the themes by following the same process as plugins. Just select the boxes next to each theme you want to update and click on Update Theme button. The new themes files will be downloaded and automatically installed.

Once your website is updated whether automatically or manually or you have updated only the themes and plugins, you should always make sure to check whether the site is functioning as expected or not. Just do a quick test for this, as its always a good idea to check. This will help you ensure that the new themes, plugin or even WordPress itself have not adversely affected your website or make any changes in its operations.

Let our experts from Psds2wp handle all your WordPress related tasks and issues, whether it be updation or development we can do it all for you with better functionality and services.

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