Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2020

21-01-2020 | 6 MIN READ

A professional and well – developed website is required in 2020, also called the digital era to engage with more customers, develop a better relationship, and for effective communication. “Web Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose”, Charles Eames.

It is quite difficult to perfectly design a website as it not only requires mesmerizing appearance but also used for generating revenue, enhancing the brand name, and increasing traffic. Many of the businesses are struggling to create a perfect design for the website that boosts conversion rates and sales. Good website design has a user- friendly interface so that the visitors find easily and quickly what they are looking for. 

Therefore Ask Yourself some of the questions before designing a website:- 

  • Does your website have a responsive design? 
  • Does it load faster? 
  • Whether the contact information is easily visible or not? 

These are some of the factors of a website design which is to be considered for evaluating the website’s performance and usability. Try to avoid the common website design mistakes that are mentioned below:-

Mistake#1 Call-To-Action is Missing 

Many of the websites do not have a proper Call-To-Action button on it, which is considered the biggest website design mistakes. 

The well- designed websites always have user- friendly interface, proper navigational direction and better browsing experience because this is a proper structure of website design. This way, the user doesn’t face any difficulties in finding anything on the website.  

What is a Call-To-Action (CTA)?

A call-to-action is a line, phrase or text that guides the customers, visitors what actions they have to take. The CTA is always connected with some sort of link that redirects you to the home page of a website. A call-to-action button is being widely used on websites to generate a lead, sales or engage with more customers. 

Always use the captivating phrase on call-to-action buttons that describe your product or services on a website. 

Businesses mostly used the ‘Contact Us’, ‘Sign Up’, ‘Download For Free’ option in their Call-To-Action button. Below are some of the examples of proper Call-To-Action buttons:- 

Mistake#2 Website Is Too Slow 

Does Your Website completely load in three seconds on a desktop, mobile, and tablet? The user waits only for three seconds to load a website, if, in case it takes more than three seconds to load then the user bounce to another site. Ultimately, your website bounce rates will increase which is not beneficial for your website. 

According to research by Google, it is observed that 70 percent of the websites took more than seven seconds to load. The slower the website there is a chance to increase bounce rates which means you will lose your potential visitors. 

Mistake#3 No Responsive Design 

A website should always have a responsive design because it helps to reduce the bounce rate. Responsive Web Design is considered the most important feature of a website. 

Ask yourself does your website have a responsive design? A responsive website works properly on all devices – desktop, iPads, smartphones and adjusts the screen size, layout, orientation, and text automatically on the basis of the device. It also offers a better browsing experience to the users. The main aim of developing a responsive design is to develop web pages that have an impressive design and attracts the user easily.  

Mistake#4 Images With Text

The website designer will add text to the images to give a better and impressive appearance to a website. The user may like the images with text but the search engines don’t like it. It’s fact that the search engines liked the content but the images having text are found appealing by search engines.  

Try to avoid the images with text in website designing as it adversely influences the website performance. 

This resultant to bad User Experience (UX) which ultimately influences the traffic of your website. In case you want to add images on your website, optimize it properly by adding alt tags and descriptions rather than adding text on images. 

Mistake#5 Hard to find contact information

The aim of adding contact information on a website is to get connected with customers or clients. But, when the user will face difficulty to find a phone number, address, contact form, contact page, email or other forms of contact on your website, they will get frustrated and abandon the website. 

This problem is being faced by the visitors as websites do not add contact information in the header and footer–or on a dedicated home page. 

Make sure that you don’t repeat this web design mistake on your website! Put your contact information where it is clearly visible to the users and on one click user will get all of the details like contact number, email address and more. 


These are just a few common web design mistakes we have listed here, as there are many that we came to notice while traveling around the various published website.

You can also comment below some after all your thoughts are a must!

But remember, if neglected then these mistakes can lead to huge damage to the traffic of your website, which will obviously affect the brand reputation.

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