Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Outsourcing

05-09-2019 | 8 MIN READ

WordPress-probably the first and best option we encounter for CMS websites. And why not, this Content Management System has won millions of hearts with its plethora of amazing features and perks. Still, many website owners, bloggers and developers haven’t yet availed this CMS due to the doubts revolving in their mind. People carry lots of confusion regarding capability, functionality, usability and outsourcing of WordPress development. If you are one of these individuals then this blog will be handy to you. It will solve many of your doubts and help you make proper decisions regarding WordPress outsourcing

This blog will cover the most asked questions regarding WordPress Outsourcing, such as:

What is WordPress?
What Makes WordPress Worthwhile?
Choosing WordPress over Other CMS: is it Wise?
Which are the Popular Brands using WordPress?
What is WordPress Theme Customization?
What is PSD to WordPress?
Why Outsource WordPress Development?
Where and How to Outsource WordPress Development?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is simplest though most popular open-source software to create your website or blog. Earlier, WordPress was mainly considered as a tool for creating blogs. However, with the advent of lots of plugins, themes and features, it is now used for creating different types of websites. Individuals, small businesses, big organizations and everyone in between can use WordPress for creating beautiful websites. 

With the help of WordPress, you can create:

  • E-Commerce stores
  • Forums
  • Business Websites
  • Social Networks
  • Resumes
  • Membership sites
  • Online portfolios
  • News sites
    ..many more that you can think of 

What Makes WordPress Worthwhile?

Most of the websites (to be precise over 34%) on the Internet today, makes use of WordPress. Apart from being free and open-source, several factors contribute to the immense popularity and usability of this CMS. Here is the list:

SEO Optimized

With WordPress, you don’t have to put many efforts to improve website ranking. WordPress itself is SEO friendly. WordPress websites have constant and simple code, which makes them perfect for Google indexing. 

 Improved Website Security 

WordPress community has worked carefully on overall security aspects. Now, with the help of a reliable WordPress development agency or developers team, you can build a hacking-proof and highly-secured website.

Social Media Integration

WordPress facilitates seamless integration with different social platforms. It eliminates the need to separately login to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or any social media platform.

Complete and Easy Control over Website

WordPress offers great flexibility and convenience for the website owners to manage their websites. So even if you are a non-technical individual, you can easily control your WordPress site. Due to the built-in updates management system, one can update themes and plugins from within WordPress admin dashboard. 

Perfect for Content Marketing

Managing the content on your website is not as easy as it seems. But with WordPress, it is. WordPress has multiple features making it convenient to publish the content. The built-in blog feature is accessible through any device, at any time. You can conveniently add a blog to your website without having to create it separately. 

Choosing WordPress over Other CMS: is it Wise?

When it comes to CMS, you have several options like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. Then why choose WordPress only? If you compare the range of features, functionality, benefits and popularity of all available CMS, WordPress will be the winner. Together with easy to use features and functionality, WordPress covers more than 56,000 plugins and thousands of themes in its depository. Moreover, you have already gone through the perks of this CMS. 

WordPress can help you to build any type of website. Even after the development, you can effortlessly administer the website without frequent expert assistance. Overall, choosing WordPress over other CMS is by far a wise decision. 

Which are the Popular Brands using WordPress?

It is human nature to opt for things that the majority of crowd do. Similarly, you will get motivated to avail WordPress after knowing the list of popular brands using this CMS. 

So here is the list,

  • CNN
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes
  • Mashable
  • The New Yorker
  • The Next Web
  • People Magazine
  • Vogue
  • Harvard Business Review
  • NASA
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Facebook (for the Newsroom)
  • MTV News

What is WordPress Theme Customization?

It is not sufficient to have a website, but it should be fully-functional and attractive so that it can stand unique in the vast crowd of websites. With WordPress theme customization you can achieve the exact feel, functionality, and appearance of your website as per the specific requirements of your brand. Theme customization in WordPress can include several things such as child theme customization, responsive theme customization, widget & plugin customization, and so on. For the better and desired outcomes, you must decide to outsource the customization work to a renowned agency. 

What is PSD to WordPress?

PSD stands for Photoshop Design. And PSD to WordPress is the process of transforming your Photoshop designs to a working WordPress template through bootstrap or other techniques and frameworks. If you are having PSD designs for your dream website then you can convert them into an astonishing WordPress theme. You can outsource the PSD to WP work to one of the best agencies or developer having vast experience of the same. Make sure the PSD to WordPress conversion is pixel perfect and unique.

Why Outsource WordPress Development?

For any of your WordPress related tasks, outsourcing is the best option. Because, for any WordPress development, it is necessary to be up-to-date with everything happening in the WordPress world. Thus it is intelligent to handover your project to the WordPress experts. There are many other benefits you can experience with WordPress outsourcing, such as:

  • Time and effort saving 
  • Scope of future improvement
  • Support and maintenance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Quality assurance
  • Access to other services and resources 

If you want to accomplish your WordPress related work with fewer efforts and best outcomes, then decide to outsource it to the prominent WordPress development agency. 

Where and How to Outsource WordPress Development?

WordPress outsourcing mainly involves two big doubts that are where and how to outsource the work. Hiring a WordPress development outsourcing company or in-house developers is an intelligent decision rather than hiring a freelancer developer. When you work with an agency, the chances of getting your work done are highest. Your work will be reviewed by multiple people before reaching you. Another advantage of outsourcing WordPress development to an agency is that you can work with a complete team of professionals such as designers, developers, QA, etc.

Now coming to the how-to part, there are a few steps you need to take into account:

  • Get the list of best agencies
  • Check overall aspects, including experience, team, cost, etc.
  • Discuss maintenance upfront
  • Discuss hosting
  • Write down the project description
  • Start outsourcing a single task
  • Keep track of project

Some questions you need to ask yourself regarding outsourcing:

  •  Is my project explained in detail?
  •  Did I talk regarding maintenance, hosting, and future updates?
  • Should I provide additional resources so that outsourced agency can get a better idea about requirements and outcomes?
  • What communication options I should provide for misunderstandings or emergencies?
  • Did I give the login credentials to developers to access my staging website

Wrapping Up

Till now, you must have got answers to most of your questions regarding WordPress outsourcing. No doubt, WordPress is ruling over the Internet, as the majority of websites are built using it. However, seeing the profusion of WordPress sites on the Internet, it is indispensable that you have a unique website that can fetch millions of attentions. With years of experience in WordPress development, we have learned how to craft eye-catching and exclusive websites. We can help you to build your dream WordPress website, having a full range of features and perfect functionality. You can outsource any WordPress development work to us and get it done on time by experts. 

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