Hiring In-house WordPress Developer Vs Outsourcing complete WordPress Development to an Agency: Which is the Best Bet?

10-05-2020 | 9 MIN READ

The “ease of use” is probably the biggest reason why WordPress is getting immense popularity than many other CMS. And thus, many businesses consider a “DIY” approach for WordPress development.

Is WordPress Development that much easy?

If you are tech-savvy, then WordPress is a piece of cake for you. Within a few clicks, you can simply install existing themes and any of the plethora of plugins to add functionality without coding.

However, WordPress development is not an easy job for a non-technical person or businesses handling multiple operations. There are a lot of things involved in WordPress development that make it a professional thing. For instance, most of the WordPress themes and plugins require complete reading of the documentation to configure them. If it is about building a professional website that involves a lot of important functionalities, then there are likely to be several issues while editing the theme files or integrating multiple plugins. Also, there can be many trial and error with WordPress.

If you want high-quality outcomes with WordPress development, then professional assistance is a must. Hiring a WordPress developer is the best and wise choice for your business. A WP developer has an in-depth knowledge of WordPress development, who can also suggest some great ideas to make most out of your project.

The next big concern comes, how and where to find the right WordPress developers to get done your work with best quality and outcomes. The very first question that appears in your mind is whether to hire in-house developers or outsource the task to remote professionals. To find the right professional for your WordPress project, you must resolve this confusion first.

Here we will help you to make the right decision by letting you know the pros and cons of both options.

Hiring an In-house WordPress Developer

Pros  Cons
It can work as the best long-term strategy if you are certain about your company’s future. It may cost you a fortune. Every professional you hire requires a sufficiently attractive salary, health insurance, and other benefits.
You can have full control over the quality of the work performed by the developer. You may need to deal with some human resources management issues.
There is communication flexibility. If you are hiring freshers, then you have to train them with everything and assign a higher-authority as well.
Experienced developers demand a higher salary.

Hiring a Remote WordPress Developer/Outsourcing Project

Pros  Cons
It is an inexpensive way. You need to hire a developer for a certain period, or work thus cost is less. Some time there may be communication issues
Project management is seamless and efficient when you hire developers from an agency. You need to be concerned about project confidentiality
You can focus on your core business operations, which then increases productivity and efficiency of your business and lets you deliver more improved service to clients.
You can always expect quality and on-time work.

What’s the Right Choice?

To be precise, hiring in-house WordPress developers is a risky decision, especially if your business doesn’t solely focus on website design and development. There is no sense in hiring and maintaining a full-fledged in-house team. However, you can only consider this option if you are certain about below mentioned things:

  • You can efficiently train and manage the in-house team.
  • A larger workload will compensate for the additional salary costs.
  • You are willing to keep the developers for the long term.

On the other hand, outsourcing your WordPress tasks to a remote team is the wisest decision by far. Especially if you are an agency having too many projects in a queue to handle, but can’t afford to hire and maintain an in-house team.

Also, outsourcing proves to be beneficial when your agency is on the growth track. As your business grows, you will require more reliable, fast, talented and efficient resources to accomplish the tasks. Outsourcing lets you access the talent you require when you require it. Also, remote WordPress developers would help you complete the project with the best outcomes and less cost.

Due to the amazing benefits of outsourcing, many businesses have been already leveraging this practice. You can also avail the amazing benefits for your business by outsourcing your WordPress tasks to a remote team.

What does it Mean to Hire a Remote WordPress Developer or Complete Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a popular money-saving tactic that helps businesses to get done multiple large projects by talented remote developers. If you are a designer, web development agency, a design studio, a digital marketer/ agency, or any other business incorporating WordPress related services/work ( but it is not your sole priority) then outsourcing WordPress tasks to remote developers can be your best bet. You can hire remote developers and pay them for only that specific WordPress project and time. This not only saves your overhead cost and time but also lets you focus on the activities that are important to your business.

Once you outsource WordPress development projects to a reliable developer, you free yourself of several responsibilities. However, the success of your outsourced project will depend on how and from where you hire a remote developer.

How to Find a Right WordPress Developer?

Finding a skilled and reliable WordPress developer can truly be a gruelling, daunting and time-consuming task. Also, there are several ways to find a developer, such as

  • Trusted WordPress Development Agencies: It is always an intelligent move to hire WordPress developers from one of the reliable WordPress development agencies. These agencies follow a standard and rigorous way to hire developers. Thus here you can find the best talent for your project. Also, an agency offers you a complete team of professionals specializing in different areas to accomplish your project effectively, which means that you get to access multiple resources, such as project manager, QA, designers, developers and so on. Also, the best part of hiring an agency is you get seamless support and maintenance for your project.
  • Recommendations and Experiences of Peers: One of the best ways to find WordPress developers is to ask recommendations from your peers. Based on their experiences, you can decide who to hire and who no to. If you don’t have any friend or peer having hired a WordPress developer, then consider searching on Google for the best websites built with WordPress. Then find out the developers who built those websites; this way, you can hire the most appropriate developer for your WordPress development project.
  • Special Staffing Websites: If you wish to avail both above options to find a high-quality developer, then staffing websites are best for you. Here you can find the best of WordPress agencies as well as personalized recommendations. Staffing websites connect organizations and contractors through a strict referral process. A random agency or freelancer can’t register on the site easily; they need to be individually verified.

Why should you not Consider Freelancer Websites?

Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of freelance developers registered on different websites. However, hiring a freelancer is not an attractive option if you want to outsource your WordPress development. You may have to deal with a lot of issues when working with a freelancer. Managing freelancers is a big headache, especially if you have no experience or new to outsourcing.

Furthermore, a freelancer may not come with the multiple skills required to accomplish your task effectively. You may need to hire multiple freelancers for different tasks of a single project. There are so many other risks with hiring freelance WordPress developers; thus, it is advisable to avoid freelancer websites.

Tips to Hire The Best WordPress Developer

  1. Go through Ratings and Reviews: Ratings and reviews give you a bit of idea about the quality of work of a developer or agency. Before finalizing the developer or agency makes sure to check their review and ratings given by former clients on Google, forums, and other platforms.
  2. Evaluate the Previous Work: It is important to assess all the previous projects that the developer or agency have worked on. A solid portfolio indicates the capability of a developer to accomplish high-quality projects and deliver the best outcomes. You can visit the portfolio section on the website of a developer or agency or directly ask them for previous work samples.
  3. Don’t Choose Low Cost Over Quality: If you want reliable and talented developers, then stay away from lowball pricing. Don’t get attracted by the promise of cheap WordPress outsourced development. When you choose such low-cost agencies or developers, you may not get outcomes worth your spending. Thus, rather than only believing in the low cost, try to assess their work and portfolio. If you find a developer suitable for your project, then be ready to spend some extra bucks.
  4. Ask for Effective Communication: Seamless communication is necessary to accomplish your WordPress project on-time and effectively. Hence, it is important to demand flexible and effective communication from the developer or agency. A good, dedicated developer will try to update you with every work details and answer your questions in a timely manner. If you don’t find any sign of proper communication, then avoid hiring the candidate or agency.
  5. Conduct a Paid Test: Apart from assessing the portfolio, you should also conduct a paid practical test to check the knowledge and capabilities of developers. Even if you spend money here, it will save you from making the wrong decision.

Important points to Consider for Choosing the Right Outsourcing Service

There are several other things that help you choose the most appropriate developer or agency for outsourcing WordPress. Here we have mentioned a few points to make things easier for you:

Type of Outsourcing Work

Based on what type of work you want to outsource, you can hire suitable remote developers. For instance, if you are looking for WordPress maintenance, then it is better to rely on the same developer or team who built it. This is because they know each and every functionality of your website and can better handle maintenance tasks like updates, backups, etc.

Besides this, if you want to build a WordPress website from scratch, then look for an agency or developer who offers an end-to-end service including support, maintenance, website launch, etc.

Also, if it is a big project requiring about 160 hours, then it is better to hire developers on an hourly basis. With this approach, you can maintain smooth communication and workflow.

How do you Want to work with the Remote Team?

When it is about a complete WordPress development project, some agencies consider working closely with remote developers. However, some prefer to hand over the complete project and have less daily interactions. If you want to have details of every phase and task of your project, then make sure to clarify ahead of hiring developers.

Particular Requirements with WordPress Development

You must be clear with your specific WordPress development requirements and accordingly, find developers or agencies who can effectively meet them. You need to clearly articulate all your specifications to the developers to avoid misunderstandings and glitches during the development. It is better to hire developers or agencies who thoroughly discuss all requirements with you and get a complete understanding of your expectations. A good developer or agency will ask you:

  • Whether you need to use Advanced Custom Fields or page-builders?
  • What plugins do you want to integrate?
  • Should the website support all main browsers, including Internet Explorer 11?
  • Do you need a contact form 7, gravity form, or other types of form?

Amount of Outsourcing Work

The choice of developers or agency would also depend on the amount of development work you want to outsource. If you have enough work for developers, then you can consider hiring full-time remote developers else you can consider the hourly-basis option.


Whether you should hire in-house developers, freelancers or outsource projects to a remote team, all your confusions must have been solved now. Though hiring good remote developers seems daunting, it would be easier if you follow the right approach. Now, you know which is a precise way to hire remote developers and outsource your WordPress development. Here is a quick list of important points to simplify your endeavour:

  • Hiring a professional WordPress developer is necessary to build a fully functional and flawless website.
  • Outsourcing WordPress development is by far the most intelligent decision than hiring an in-house team.
  • You save a considerable amount of time, efforts and money by hiring remote developers or outsourcing the complete project.
  • Hiring developers from an agency brings you a lot of benefits than a freelancer.
  • Be clear with your project requirements and specifications before looking for a developer.
  • Don’t compromise quality for cost.
  • Evaluate each and everything including portfolio, reviews, ratings, experience, etc. before hiring any developer or agency.

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