5 Best WordPress Forum Plugins To Look For In 2020

27-01-2020 | 6 MIN READ

According to a survey posted by Netcraft, the total number of active websites are nearly 172 million. Out of them, around 75,000,000 are running on WordPress right now which means half of those sites (37,500,000) are being hosted on WordPress.com shared hosting installation. Nearly, 20% of all self-hosted websites are using WordPress which still large percentage share.

Having a well- developed website is not sufficient in the digital era but it’s also important to engage with the users to tell them what your website is about.

Many of the WordPress Developed Websites are using forums to reach to a wider audience. It is a great way to communicate with users and ask them about the product and services you are offering. Forums are known for community building, conversation logging, questions and answers and easy integrations with websites. Here the website visitors can participate in the discussion by asking questions, new ideas, solutions and more.

Making a forum is not an easy task because the individual has to spend plenty of time and it requires proper planning and preparation. Ultimately, it’s not ‘Everyone’s Cup of Tea’. No need to get disappointed! as a large number of WordPress forum plugins are available online from which you can choose the best option for your website. Let’s have a closer look them about:-

1. bbPress

best bbpress plugins 2019 - PSDs2WP

The bbPress is the most popular forum plugin of WordPress and it is a sister project of WordPress.org. It is a good option for those websites whose forum is a victim of low speed and hacking. In this situation, the bbPress forum plugin is the best option to integrate into a WordPress site. The great part is that it is available in 11 different languages so bbPress is a good option for those whose native language is not English. The bbPress is also known for its various amazing features such as easy installation, usability, configuration, small and light in weight, opensource code, free which makes it the most popular forum plugin of WordPress.

2. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is another most powerful WordPress forum plugin of 2020 that is being widely used by the people in their websites. BuddyPress and bbPress, both are created by the same development group. However, BuddyPress is slightly different from bbPress. BuddyPress forum plugin will help you to make a social network or online community with the users.

BuddyPress interface is quite similar to Facebook, as it allows the user to create profiles, join groups, send friend requests and get notifications. Interestingly, the users can create special groups of their interest areas such as sports team, companies and schools. People like the BuddyPress forum plugin as it is available for free, open source. The interface of this forum plugin is easier to navigate as you don’t face any difficulties to implement it into your website.

3. WPForo Forum

wordpress forum - wpforo

WPForo Forum is one of the best WordPress forum plugins that comes with plenty of modern and responsive design layouts and styles. It has 3 design layouts i.e., Simplified, Extended, and Question and Answer layout. However, every layout has a unique design and features which you can select as per your own convenience. The great thing about this forum plugin is it is designed for small as well as large forum communities. It is easier to set up, Full- Fledged and lightweight.

Using this plugin, users can do various activities such as take participation in the discussion, give answers to questions and vote, get the notification, share topics on social media and more.  

4. DW Question and Answer

DW question and answer

If you are in search to create a community like Quora or Yahoo Answers, in that situation DW Question and Answer WordPress forum plugin is the best option to implement on your website. It allows the users to give a vote to the answers so the best answers get displayed at the top while the less appropriate one scrolls down to the last.

Some of the features of the DW Question and Answer plugin are Open source code, available for free and great customer support. It also comes with some additional plugins such as markdown, social sharing, leaderboards, and captcha. The quite interesting part about DW Questions and Answer plugin as it supports various languages including Thai, Catalan, Vietnamese, and Czech.

5. Asgaros Forum

Best Forum plugin - psds2wp

Asgaros Forum is a good option if you want to implement a lightweight forum on your current website with easy setup. You just have to place a shortcode to add this forum into the desired page. It is developed with simplicity and elegant style with the combination of modern design and also has a powerful editor and a notifications system. It comes with features such as uploads, searches, and messaging. Some of its features are:-

  • Asgaros Forum is a free WordPress plugin
  • Forum statistics feature allows you to see how your forum is performing
  • Guest Posting options are available but you also have the option to turn it off
  • Multisite compatible plugin
  • Simple, lightweight, traditional layout with a modern design
  • Easy to set up, perfectly integrated and super fast

It is essential for the business to adopt the latest trend of the market to get connected with the users. WordPress forum plugin, not only helps to get interacted with the audience but also enhances your business image and web presence, as it shows you are concerned about the audience and want to stay in touch with them.
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