A Deep Dive Into SEO Strategies For WordPress Website

31-01-2020 | 5 MIN READ

Let’s start with thinking about a product/ service or anything you want to inquire about! Where will you go to get about it? The very obvious answer is Our very own(metaphorically) Search Engines!

It means if you are a service provider than it is just to make sure that your website is visible to your prospects at the place, where they are looking for it.

“And if the website is ranking on top then its a piece of cake with a cherry on top!”

But how can you get this cherry? The answer is doing SEO, it includes a wide range of optimizing activities and strategies that will help Search engines in recognizing your website and make it rank on a good position.
As Optimizing your website for search engines have many benefits, few of them are:

  • A high ranking website in Search Engine Result Pages has greater visibility and increased traffic.
  • A top ranking website seems more trustworthy and credible to the prospects.
  • As the search engines give priority to quality content, thus by doing so you will provide worthy information to your customers.

Getting panic, thinking about optimizing your website for SERPs? Well no need to worry, as by choosing WordPress as a CMS for your website you have already taken a step towards creating a well-optimized website since WordPress has the ability itself to make your website rank because of its features that are best suitable for search engines.

Now, we are all set to go through the methods that will make your WordPress Website SEO friendly. Start counting!

Create a Static Permalink Structure
A permalink is a URL that directs or points towards a web page, blog or a post and from users aspect, its structure should be easy to understand. As auto-generated permalink in WordPress do not have SEO suitable structure but thank god we have an option to change it. So to make your website SEO friendly the first and foremost step should be to create a relatable and suitable permalink structure.

Optimize the images
The most appealing part on your web page could be the image, right? Images are an important part of your content as they make the concept understandable, cut down the text on the page, attracts the users… Wow, there is so much an image do on your website! But this is also true that they may affect the loading speed of your website, if not well optimized. So try to optimize your image an ensure as little impact on your site’s performance as possible.

Upload an XML sitemap
A sitemap is a rundown of the considerable number of pages and other contents on your site, normally composed into a chain of importance. It gives a snappy method to perceive how your site is spread out and what it incorporates. While these sitemaps were once intended to enable clients to explore sites, their main role currently is to convey data to internet searcher bots (otherwise called crawlers).
It helps crawlers to see the majority of the pages on your site and see how they identify with each other. This makes it less demanding for web indexes to list your website, and to display pertinent substance in client looks.

Heading Tags
Though a sitemap helps the crawlers to know that your site is well organized, it lacks somewhere as it does not allow to read every single content on the page. For this, we use heading tags. They are useful both to the readers and to the crawlers as for users the separation of the content using the heading tags makes it easy to read and understand.
For the crawlers, the heading tags make the content more organized and easy to understand that what its all about, so they can serve the users’ query well, thus helping in higher ranking of your website.

Build your content around the keywords on the page
You might have already encountered the term keywords and their importance to your website. This point simply says that you should always create worthy content that focuses on your keyword, as when the prospect or a user types the word in the search engine the crawlers will serve them your website.
Note: Always keep in mind using too many keywords on your web page may result in Keyword Stuffing that is considered as spamming by the crawlers. Therefore its high time to play smart!


Switch your site to HTTPS
you have to ensure you’re utilizing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This will guarantee any delicate individual information your guests leave on your site is scrambled and hence ensured. In any case, in addition to the fact that this is imperative for ensuring your guests’ private data, it’s presently an authority SEO positioning component. Actually, in the event that you haven’t changed over to HTTPS, Google may now demonstrate a “not verify” cautioning to guests when they’re on pages with content information fields

Choose a responsive design and SEO friendly theme for your website
Today most of the people look for things on their mobile phones, therefore it has turned out necessary to be on mobile phones also, and for that responsive web design is the solution. You must design your website following responsive design strategies i.e your website should adapt and react to any of the user’s device. Plus point is a responsive design website is considered by the crawlers too.
If we talk about the theme of your website, it should also be opted to keep in mind the SEO friendliness of it. Along with its appearance take care that it does not take too long to load. Similarly, the manner in which a theme was developed additionally matters since clean code gives your site the most obvious opportunity in SERPs.

Install a dedicated SEO plugin
There are plugins in WordPress that allow your site to do just about anything, be it ranking on top in search engines. They help in this as these plugins are designed specifically keeping in mind the SEO factor of a website. You can even go for more comprehensive SEO plugins, which can help in adding a complete suite of optimization- focused features to your website

You’ll be well improving towards your website visibility and traffic once you follow these strategies. And if you are still restless and can’t get how to handle all this.
Then we are just a click away!
Psds2Wp makes SEO optimized websites with add- on SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast, which will help you to make SEO changes easily and effectively.

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